The Company

Gap The mind is a platform of artistic projects that combine Art and Activism around an approach to autopoietic life. This approach observes and is inspired by living systems that build themselves and which are not controlled by the outside.

It brings together moving artists from all walks of life, from dance, music and image, but also builders, sound and light creators, philosophers, journalists, scientists who wish to mix their languages and experiences in common works according to this approach.

Claudie Gatineau, dancer and choreographer, wanted to place the company in a dynamic of reflection and experimentation that leads to various forms of art: shows, live exhibitions, conferences, artistic documentaries, masterclasses or laboratories.

Each project is a pretext to meet together companies and people engaged in the same vision of the meeting with the living that abolishes the separation between Nature and Human.

This website is a place of resources and dissemination of writings, films, living or visual works of different people working that way.