Portrait & Landscape #8

Portrait & Landscape is a series of events conceived by Gravity & Levity – Il Posto – Vertical Dance Kate Lawrence – AND Productions @2021

Wanda Moretti Lindsey Butcher Kate Lawrence Il Posto Danza Verticale Gravity & Levity Vertical Dance Kate Lawrence Antoine Le Menestrel Claudie Gatineau Wales Arts International – Celfyddydau Rhyngwladol Cymru Bangor University Cerddoriaeth, Drama a Pherfformio / Music, Drama and Performance

The bold and colourful words ‘Portrait and Landscape loom large across the top of this flier, the letters depicting a kaleidoscope of vertical dances by 12 choreographers. Below, Claudie Gatineau is central to the image, hanging face down, suspended on either side of her waist by ropes and pulleys. Above her, a sky-blue, pitched roof-space is punctuated by bars and theatre lamps. With her long dark hair swept back and arms outstretched, she is wearing a pale grey blindfold and her white vest, pale skin and face are covered in chaotic, textural, painterly patterns, as if the paint may have landed on her through the movement she has been doing.

Retrieve the video presentation under this link: https://youtu.be/qw03PU3SRPk

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